Friday, February 4, 2011

Once New.Top.Model....

Well hello there :]

Im June, I've been super busy lately, but will totally be starting soon! You just wait!


will come out with a spoiler once i get the covergirl :]
So check it out and wait to see the magazine.



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  2. Name:Lissy
    Talents:Szeneries, Graphics, modeling, writing, stardoll-knowledge..
    What are you applying for?: model
    Have you modeled before?:Yeah, I'm on the banner of my Blog and I've signed a contract with Elite.Models... So I'm an official Elite.Model ... please have a look at my Portfolio
    Name 3 models you know of: Milla Jovovich, Lizzy Jagger, Christy Turlington (Stardollmodels: Syligirl, Tapstar321, hp4ever)
    Name 3 writers you know of: Emorox4eva, Lulita15, Me(Punky_Lissy)
    Are you interested in fashion?: Yes, I'm veeery interested in fashion... I love to design new uniqe Looks for my Doll... I love to read fashion-blogs and I love to read fashion magazines...
    What makes you interested in this magazine?: It looks very professional it sounds great... wonderlandmagazine is a name full of inspiration... and I think it gets wonderful;)

    If you want, I'll also can advertise your Blog on mine... becoming some kind of sponsor;) You know... My E-mail is